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Game Info

Platform:  Windows

Language:  English

Multiplayer:  None

Publisher:  Lezard Interactive

PC System Requirements
  • OS : 2K/XP/Vista/7

  • CPU: Pentium IV

  • Memory: 256

  • Video Memory: standard

  • HDD: 0.160

  • DirectX: 9.0c

Estimated Download Time
  • File size: 0.15 GB
  • 100Mbit/s: 0m
  • 20Mbit/s: 1m
  • 8Mbit/s: 2m

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Description & Game Features

It be the golden age of pirates! Dogs of the sea! Quite literally.

Our swashbuckling sausage-dog star is Gaius James Rover, son of the famous clown Jolly Rover, who died from a blow to the groin from an improperly loaded joke cannon.

Following the tragically comedic death of his father, young Gaius, who insists on using his middle name James, goes to live with his uncle, a wealthy plantation owner on a small Caribbean island. While practising a particularly tricky juggling move, he accidentally taints a barrel of rum with tobacco, creating a potent and addictive brew which he coins ‘Jolly Rover’, one of the most prized substances in the Caribbean.

Alas, the wealth of Jolly Rover sales only manages to fill the pockets of his uncle, and Gaius longs for action and adventure and, more importantly, the opportunity to start his own circus and follow in the footsteps of his father.
It is not long before the fumbled juggling ball of opportunity raps Gaius smartly on the head yet again. While his uncle is away, a large contract for Jolly Rover arrives from Guy DeSilver, Governor of the notorious Groggy Island, with payment upfront!

In a blinding flurry of optimism, Gaius pools his meagre savings with this advance and charters a ship and crew to take him to Groggy Island. Along the way he meets a colourful band of seafaring cutthroats, scallywags and rogues otherwise known as pirates.

User Reviews (2)

Do try by Poolkris

If you like the Monkey Island franchise you'll most likely enjoy this, which is clearly strongly inspired by it, although of course it doesn't really touch MI! The puzzles are not too challenging, and the game is fairly short but it's unlikely you'll unlock everything and fully complete it first time, so it has good 'replayability'. There are nice unlockable features such as commentary to enjoy upon a replay through as well. The graphics are good if not amazing, the voice acting is good, and the writing is very funny in places. Overall, I'd say well worth a try for fans of the point and click adventure genre. I want to give it 3.5 but think 3 is definitely too low, so it's a 4 from me!

fun by Liz01

It was nice, try it

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